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At NT Electrical Group our contractors have an extensive background in residential electrical installations, maintenance, servicing and repairs. Building a new home and wanting a full electrical automation, Smart Wiring fit-out designed specifically for you? We will initially consult with you to assess your regular energy usage, preferred choice of fixtures and lifestyle, before installing your electrical system.

Our electricians are experts at automation control, smart lighting and electrical upgrades.

We only use superior quality electrical accessories in our installations and repairs, which is why we are a Philips Dynalite preferred partner. Our Northern Territory electrical contractors are also Simone, Krone, Clipsal and Fibre Optic endorsed installers.
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Automation can relieve the complexity of lighting tasks and integrate everyday operations that are related to lighting, such as blind, roller door, security, etc. NT Electrical Group as a preferred Philips Dynalite partner can tailor solutions to all of your automated requirements.

NT Electrical Group is a proud partner and a recognised third party integration supplier, installer, programmer and maintainer of all Dynalite products. The Philips Dynalite system is able to communicate with and manage other systems with ease.

Philips Dynalite is an Australian-manufactured modular lighting control system that can be used in commercial, industrial and domestic applications, adding elements of simplification of tasks, control of ambient design and environmental efficiency.

Modes such as daylight harvesting, time and temperature switching and other conditional actions are possible, and can combine to produce a truly smart and efficient building.

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Automation lets you indulge in luxury with a single touch of a button. Imagine with just a single touch the lights dim, the shades close, the plasma TV turns on and your favourite movie begins...

Controlling more than just lighting, Philips Dynalite has the ability to operate devices such as motorised blinds, air conditioning, pool and spa pumps, security systems and home theatre... just to name a few.

Enhance your lifestyle by combining today's modern technology with the benefits of Philips Dynalite and C-Bus Home Control systems. This system can be individually programmed to suit your home and lifestyle - further enhancing the level of comfort and convenience in your home.

Designed so that your whole family can operate it, you can control your Philips Dynalite system from an extensive range of touch-screens, smartphones and tablets and wall switches to blend in with your home and complement your decor.

The automation of certain functions can also provide substantial power savings across residential applications including.

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Home Security
Philips Dynalite and C-Bus Home Control integrated with your security system provides fantastic benefits, such as periodically activating lights as a deterrent when you're away and alerting you via email or SMS if there is an intrusion.

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Keyless entry
Keyless entry takes on a whole new level of functionality when integrated with Philips Dynalite or C-Bus. Elements such as lighting, music and air conditioning can be activated upon entry.

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Smart Wiring
Making the most of digital speed and intelligence is Smart Wiring. From the latest ultra-high definition, 3D and web enabled appliances and projectors, to energy management, home networking, videoconferencing, security and connected appliances, Smart Wiring can handle the latest and most involved technological demands with ease.

Smart Wiring has been adopted as the gold home technology standard by most of the country's leading developers, builders and registered cablers. It's also backed up with specialised training and accreditation so that when it's installed, technology will work the way it's meant to.

Wiring all of your residential circuitry through the Dynalite system means you have the ability to control any electrical component in your home from any control panel, touch screen or smart phone you desire.

NT Electrical Group performs integration of all your home's components with Dynalite, allowing us to introduce "real" home automation features. Features that simplify our daily routines help save time, keep our homes secure and make our homes energy efficient.