Industrial Electricial in Darwin


Electrical Wiring — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
For all of your industrial electrical installations, maintenance and servicing requirements, contact the professionals at NT Electrical Group. We specialise in local and remote works and operate locally and interstate. With a modern fleet of machinery, equipment and accessories, we can undertake small through to large-scale industrial electrical installations, maintenance and servicing of all your electrical requirements. Let our engineers custom design and industrial electrical installation for your business, complete with surge, lightning and fire protection systems combined with an electronic maintenance schedule to reduce breakdowns.

We are a preferred partner of Dynalite. As well as being Simone, Krone, Clipsal and Fibre Optic certified and endorsed installers.

At NT Electrical Group we implement stringent Health and Environment Management systems to minimise environmental impact and create a safer working environment for everyone onsite.



Frame — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
Design & Construct
NT Electrical Group offers a full service to our clients from initial design concepts through to installation. We prefer to tailor our contract to your individual needs, whether you are an architect, engineer, builder or building owner, NT Electrical Group is able to provide the scope to ensure the successful execution of your project.

NT Electrical Group's design and estimations team utilise the latest 3D software and technology to assist our clients' understanding of their project and work closely with them as we believe open communication is a key factor in the success of many of our projects.

NT Electrical Group has a wide network of suppliers to source the best products for our projects.

For all your design & construct requirements - please contact our consultants.

Electrical Maintenance — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
Maintenance & Servicing
NT Electrical Group has a fully internet-based support technology system, allowing us to create a tailor made maintenance and servicing program for your electrical systems. This support system can send regular email updates regarding scheduled maintenance to ensure preventative maintenance is always up-to-date and minimises the risk of breakdowns and costly downtime.

NT Electrical Group can provide an electronic scheduled maintenance and servicing program for all clients requirements. We also have regular maintenance plans available for peace of mind that no matter what type of technology you utilise, we'll make sure it does its job.

Studies show that the failure rate of electrical equipment is three times higher for components that are not part of a scheduled preventive maintenance program, as compared with those that are.

NT Electrical Group are able to undertake the entire process of inspecting, testing, analysing, servicing (including detailed inspections/testing programmed scheduled), analysis of testing and reports, recommendation of corrective measures/action items, implementation of corrective measures/action items, record keeping/trending supplied in both hard and electronic copies.

For a service and maintenance schedule - please speak to our consultants.

Parked Truck — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
Hazardous Areas, Electrical Installations and Maintenance
NT Electrical Group has specialist technicians who are trained in the specific installation, maintenance, servicing, testing and inspection of electrical equipment within an Electrical Equipment Hazardous Areas (EEHA). NT Electrical Group ensures that we work to and meet the requirements of AS/NZS 4761, AS/NZS 60079.14 and AS/NZS 60079.17.

NT Electrical Group are well placed to undertake any project requiring electrical equipment that is to be installed serviced, inspected or tested in a defined hazardous location. Our specialist electricians understand the complexities of electrical equipment within a defined hazardous area, from fuel containment and storage areas through to industrial spray booths and areas containing gaseous atmospheres, NT Electrical Group is able to undertake these works safely and correctly.

Contact our consultants to discuss your Electrical Hazardous Area requirements.

Truck Lift — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
Transmission & Distributions Systems
NT Electrical Group has the capability to build, install, maintain, service and support the infrastructure required to transmit and distribute electricity reliably and safely for all types of requirements (LV and HV) from large industrial facilities, civil infrastructure through to residential estate requirements.

From medium voltage substations and underground cabling to switch rooms, protection and metering systems, NT Electrical Group can design and construct a tailored solution working closely with clients in order to meet their electrical transmission and distribution needs.

NT Electrical Group provides the design, construction and installation of switchboards and an off-the-shelf facility to meet a client's switchboard, transmission and distribution requirements.

NT Electrical Group can provide and install substations, both pad and pole mounted, ranging in size from 22kVA through to 1mVA. NT Electrical Group are your specialist in local and remote overhead and underground HV/LV Reticulation system for successful connection into the Power and Water Corporation distribution network.

Contact the NT Electrical Group team to discuss your transmission and distribution requirements.

Wiring Check — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
System Commissioning
Once programming has been completed, we provide final functional testing to our customer's satisfaction, including testing at assembly location and end user's plant if required, undertaken anywhere throughout the world.

This includes completion of any wiring, input-output testing and de-bugging, ensuring all cabinet and machine wiring is correct and processes are operating correctly. Post- commissioning service at the end user location can be supplied to maintain maximum efficiency as production starts up.

Contact our consultants to discuss your system commissioning needs.

Ceiling — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
Machine Wiring
To ensure your new components and cabinets are integrated into your plant, we provide onsite point-to-point electrical wiring of all machinery, controllers and cabinets along gantries, cable trays and ducting throughout your plant. This can include supply of hardware and connection to motors, limit switches, level transmitters, etc.

Contact NT Electrical Group to discuss your machine wiring projects.

Fuse Box — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
NT Electrical Group is a leading provider of automation and process control solutions. This includes the design and supply of PLC systems as well as the manufacture of control panels.

Contact our consultants to discuss your automation requirements.

Program — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
PLC Programming
One of our core services is to provide documented PLC programs to ensure our customers' machinery works in a robust manner, preventing problems and plant breakdown, with the aim of allowing continuous production.

We talk to our customer and the operators using the plant to ensure that our solutions match with the requirements of the production process.

All programs and operator graphics layouts are based on customer specifications, and provided in soft and hard copy formats as required to allow functional operation of equipment. Our experienced programmers pride themselves on making code easily readable, understandable and elegant.

The company prides itself on delivering every solution - from new installations through to complete turnkey projects - in strict accordance with the quality requirements stipulated by ISO 9001 Quality Assurance standards.

Automation of buildings and spaces allows creation of inviting and highly functional environments, by controlling building services such as Security, audio- visual, climate control and lighting, automation can stimulate productivity and optimise energy use.

NT Electrical Group working with our network of technical experts can help design, install and service a customised automation solution for your business using quality products from our range of close nit business partners including Phillips Dynalite lighting control systems.

Modes such as daylight harvesting, time and temperature switching and other conditional actions are possible, and can combine to produce a truly smart and efficient building. The automation of certain functions can provide substantial power savings across your Industrial applications.

Contact our consultants to discuss your Industrial Electrical Automation requirements.

Cable Wiring — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
Data & Voice Centre

Communications systems are the building blocks of business. Telephone lines, Broadband, Mobile Networks, Optical Fibre, and the Internet - where would we be without them? Our technicians understand the importance of these services to business and the infrastructure that it runs on.

Our communications team works with you to determine whether fibre optics, wireless networks, or CAT-5 through to CAT-7 copper is best for your network. Our technicians are equipped with the right diagnostic tools and expertise to ensure strong connectivity throughout your data network.

At NT Electrical Group all of our technicians hold ACMA Cabler's Licenses. We ensure that we carry out the works to the highest standard and in accordance with regulatory and carrier requirements including:

  • Data and voice cabling (Voice, Cat-5, Cat-6, Cat-7, Fibre Optic)
  • Telephone frames
  • Ethernet switches
  • Equipment cabinets
  • Uninterruptable power supplies (UPS)
  • ADSL filters and hardware

Contact our consultants to discuss your communications requirements.

Cabling — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
Structured Cabling Systems (SCS)
NT Electrical Group understands a structured cabling system is the lifeblood of your organisation. When done right, it will serve you well for years. A structured cabling system is as important to the success of your organisation, as the people who work in it.

Our team of specialist technicians hold a combined 10+ years' experience designing, building, installing testing, commissioning and maintaining structured cabling systems from copper based designs through to the latest fibre optic and category-7 cables.

NT Electrical Group offers a well-designed and planned structured cabling system that accommodates ever-changing technology, facilitates the continuous flow of information, enables the sharing of resources, promotes smooth operations, offers plenty of room for growth and evolves with your organisation.

Contact our consultants to discuss your Structured Cabling Systems requirements.

Warehouse — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
Complexes / Car Park / Building Lighting
NT Electrical Group has provided the maintenance and supply of street, building, warehouse and car park lighting requirements for many industrial and commercial applications across the Northern Territory.

When it comes to lighting, warehousing complexes, car parks, streets and buildings we have the capability to remove and replace lamps, poles and control gear. NT Electrical Group's fleet of specialised plant, machinery and staff can provide and install new poles and your entire lighting infrastructure requirements.

From complete warehouse internal and external lighting requirements access and egress, through to stadiums and recreational lighting needs NT Electrical Group can undertake your entire project.

Contact our consultants to discuss your project or business lighting requirements.

Program — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
Project Management
NT Electrical Group is extremely well placed to provide a complete whole of life Project Management service for clients. We have the technical, negotiation and project management skills to manage the entire lifecycle of your upcoming project. NT Electrical Group employs a team of skilled, innovative, enthusiastic management, electricians, support staff and engineers.

NT Electrical Group can manage all aspects of your electrical project ensuring it is of the highest quality, delivered on time and within the budget. From simply advising your designers and architects through to complete project management including comprehensive design services, detailed budgeting and cost analysis we help our clients put together cost effective, practical and bespoke electrical installations of all kinds. We adapt our consultancy services to fit your requirements, simply guaranteeing our expertise to be applied however you require.

We can Project Manage complete fit-outs in factories, warehouses, schools, shops and offices, including full turnkey packages from service mains to metering requirements. Our project managers are great communicators and can present you with clear status reports. NT Electrical Group has the team, knowledge and resources available to project manage any electrical or communications project.
Our services include:
  • Project Whole of Life Management Services
  • Troubleshooting and problem solving
  • Project tenders, pricing and quotations
  • Project electrical installation design and advice
  • AutoCAD drawing service
  • WHS, auditing, budgeting and costing
  • Schedules and tender estimates
  • Testing and commissioning
  • As-built operations and maintenance manuals
  • Client technical training and support
NT Electrical Group are proud of our market leading electrical project management and consultation services that create perfectly fitted solutions to clients individual project and site specific needs, including of course strict confidentiality.

Contact our consultants to discuss all your Project Management requisites.