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Ceiling — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
NT Electrical Group is a leading supplier of electrical services for your commercial, industrial and domestic requirements throughout the Northern Territory. Our business was previously known as Australian Air Conditioning & Electrical when it was first established in 1999. During the past 15 years we have completed projects in the Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia.

Our experienced electricians provide tailored electrical solutions across a broad range of industry sectors including: defense, telecommunications, power utilities, manufacturing, education, media, agriculture, local council, government, civil construction and general industry.

NT Electrical Group has a broad expanse of knowledge and experience, with two directors at the helm who have have been in the electrical business for over twenty years. Our team is fully staffed and inclusive of a senior electrical project manager, remote projects manager, safety manager, estimating and design team, administration personnel and site supervisors. This ensures that any project undertaken by NT Electrical Group is completed in a professional, safe and timely manner.

The company has headquarters in Berrimah with eight full-time office staff, dedicated conference room facilities, up-to-date technology methodology, a 3000m2 fully equipped, functioning workshop and a warehousing complex, currently holding a vast array of stock on hand. A dedicated training facility whereby perspective employees are put through a theory and practical test to ascertain their skill level and provide training in the necessary areas before working in the field. NT Electrical Group takes pride in ensuring our employees are trained to the highest standard, in return ensuring NT Electrical Group offers a highly professional service to its clients.

NT Electrical Group is well equipped to meet the requirements of your electrical project, our fleet of specialised equipment includes company owned regularly maintained and serviced light aircraft, a range of 2WD and 4WD fully equipped service vehicles, 2 flatbed trucks, 1 crane/borer truck, 1 specialised crew cab service truck, 2 backhoes, 3 EWP bucket trucks, 1 specialised delivery truck, 1 cable truck, 2 flatbed trucks with Hiab cranes, an 8 and 4 tonne excavator and specialised tools such as portable generators, crimping guns and 1000V insulated tools allowing us to cater for projects of any scale.

Our electricians are regularly contracted to work for some of the largest companies operating out of the Top End. We have completed projects for the Power and Water Corporation, various Australian Government departments, Telstra, BMD, Halikos, Sitzlers, John Holland, Ahrens and UGL.

Our strong relationships with major suppliers ensure we receive materials on-time and at a competitive rate. It also enables us to access supplies readily, outside of trading hours if necessary, to get your project finished on time and to budget.

NT Electrical Group believe in supporting the local community and regularly hire and train local tradespeople, in conjunction with providing both full-time and school based apprenticeships. The NT Electrical Group proudly sponsor a number of local charities, sporting clubs, schools and emergency services.



EWP Truck — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
EWP (Bucket) Trucks
These trucks are used in our operations of power line construction and maintenance. They can also be hired by the hour, or on project basis with one of our experienced operators. NT Electrical Group has trained competent certified EWP (HIGH RISK WORK) operators in accordance with WHS regulatory requirements. A Job Safety Analysis (JSA) is undertaken prior to the commencement of all EWP work.

Borer Truck — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
Crane/Borer Truck & Pole Trailer
Designed and built specifically for the power distribution industry. NT Electrical Group crane/borer truck and pole trailer are invaluable assets to the Group. The truck (with its mounted crane/ borer) can park on the roadway or manoeuvre into position on rough terrain. The crane borer is able to bore holes of varying sizes. and the Pole trailer is also available for transporting poles to the work site.

With a Crane Borer, NT Electrical Group can bore a hole and dump the earth around the hole, away from the hole, or lift onto a truck for removal if required.

This allows easy access to work around the hole. Following the rag-bolt instalment we can return and dress & lift light poles into place. NT Electrical Group can also replace light poles and towers as required.

Ecavator — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
8 Tonne Excavator with Trailer and Tipper Truck
The Kubota 8 Tonne excavator has been designed to be able to manoeuvre and excavate in tight spaces. This excavator is fitted with rubber tracks ensuring minimal environmental damage when moving, while also allowing the excavator to travel on roads and driveways, etc.

The excavator has a number of attachments such as a hammer and various sized buckets. When used in combination with our 5 tonne tipper truck to remove all the spoil, it allows NT Electrical Group to undertake and complete a variety of projects.

Backhoe — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
NT Electrical Group has two John Deere Backhoes — including the latest SK 315 model — for those situations where it is impracticable to use an excavator.

The backhoes can be employed in those extra-tight spots, working next to walls, buildings and more (by offsetting their booms), providing NT Electrical Group with a complete range of spoil removal and trenching machinery. Through a combination of attachments for boring pole holes; compaction wheels; and a variety of buckets and widths, NT Electrical Group is able to undertake all of their client's trenching requirements.

Dingo Trencher — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
Dingo Trencher
The Dingo trenching system easily outperforms all pedestrian trenchers. Its hydraulic system ensures power is transferred to the digging chain. Combine this with the correct number of cutting teeth and the correct chain speed, and you will have the best possible cut. The Dingo Trencher gives the operator the ability to see what they are doing at all times, enabling visibility and manoeuvrability.

Scissor Lift — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
Scissor Lift
NT Electrical Group has both electric and rough terrain scissor lifts offering unmatched performance and versatility - boosting work site productivity. Our Genie® electric scissor lifts are exceptionally mobile, letting us manoeuvre in tight worksites. while allowing maximum workspace for larger loads and more workers. The NT Electrical Group 4 WD rough terrain scissor lifts also enhances productivity by providing exceptional traction, speed and grade-ability. The perfect machines for big outdoor jobs where platform workspace is critical.

Trailer Mounted Cable Winch — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
Trailer Mounted Cable Winch
NT Electrical Group have two trailer mounted cable winches, which both provide real time monitoring and readout of distance, time and pull tension. The distance, time and line pull tension information is displayed in real time, recorded and can be transferred onto a memory device. The recorded data can then be exported into Excel to produce a wide variety of statistical information, graphs and reports of the job being undertaken.

The technology involved allows NT Electrical Group to not only monitor and produce accurate reports on a cable pull, but it also ensures that vitally important specifications such as the cable manufacturers cable tension limits are never exceeded during a cable pull.

Delivery Truck — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
Specialist Delivery Truck and Driver
NT Electrical Group has a 2 tonne specialist delivery vehicle driven by an experienced driver who has an intimate knowledge of the greater Darwin's road network. NT Electrical Group can ensure that required materials for a particular project are onsite as required, thus guaranteeing that projects move forward as planned.

Utili Guard Locator — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
Utili Guard Locator
Prior to the commencement of works, the Utili-Guard Locator enables NT Electrical Group to not only locate, but also identify and mark out the exact location and depth of underground services such as water, power and telecommunications, ensuring these vital infrastructure services are not disturbed or disrupted when NT Electrical Group undertakes ground excavations for electrical works.

Light Aircraft — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
Light Aircraft
The NT Electrical Group Director is a pilot and the NT Electrical Group has a regularly maintained and serviced Cessna airplane in our fleet to facilitate the delivery of supplies and manpower to remote areas of the Northern Territory, WA, SA and Qld where applicable.

NT Electrical — Electrical Contractor in Berrimah, NT
NT Electrical Group has a fully stocked, functional workshop and maintenance mechanic to facilitate regular servicing requirements of our fleet of vehicles, plant, trucks and machinery.